A bit about me...

I’m an infinitely curious person. I love learning new things and am passionate about stories. Not only that, I like to understand (or at least try to) people and our relationships with things, spaces, and with one another.

My curious nature has led through what some consider to be an eclectic path, but one that has been a lot of fun. Since my undergrad days studying Communication in Universidad de Lima, I’ve worn a lot of different hats. From doing volunteer work teaching 2nd grade kids next to one of Lima’s most violent prison to jumping all the way to NYC and teaching media studies to NYU’s undergrads, to being a freelance photographer and the manager for all things digital for Somos, Peru’s most widely read magazine.

My eagerness to learn and curiosity led me to look for new adventures. I picked my bags and moved to New York to pursue a master in Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU. My focus (if you can say that) was wide ranging, dealing with technology, society, visual culture and cultural studies. In a nutshell, I study the way technology impacts culture and society. Though these last two years in the Big Apple have been challenging (shout-out to my friends who became the best support group one could ask for!), I wouldn’t change them for anything. In order to graduate, I worked on my MA thesis with an amazing advisor, professor Marita Sturken. In it, I examine the photographic exhibition, Yuyanapaq: Para Recordar, of Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I look in depth at the role that the exhibition photographs played in a public engagement with the collective trauma of violence. But, my favorite experience while at NYU was being a teacher’s assistant. Being in charge of 40 students and having the flexibility (and responsibility) of preparing my own classes was an amazing experience. Not only that, receiving their positive comments once the course was over was incredible. It was very rewarding to hear I was a helpful TA to them.

You can learn more about me by checking out my resume and/or twitter feed.

 Me with my pup, Martina.

Me with my pup, Martina.